Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Episode 135 - The 1990s

SHLOGGS joins us for a round robin discussion of our top ten 1990s films as well as our honorable mentions.

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  1. The TORPERDO is the only way to drink/podcast! Great ep, fellas!

  2. I'm glad y'all mentioned Cape Fear as an honorable mention. It's my favorite remake and a scathing portrayal of Christianity as a slave religion. It's the kind of film Bill Maher or Kevin Smith would make if they weren't so God damned stupid.

    Max Cady emerged from the bowels of that state pen to rouse a family from their bougeois slumber. The crucible of this ordeal will either forge stronger bonds or evaporate them. A family that is falling deserves to be pushed.

    Nick Nolte's Sam Bowden eventually learns to value his family's safety more than the law. That makes him right. His willingness to risk his life to do so, makes him free. He wasn't going out like that bitch Job.