Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Episode 145: Slasher Appreciation - The Burning & Intruder

We are back after a short hiatus with more slasher coverage.  This week we discuss Scott Spiegel's INTRUDER and THE BURNING.

Download (right click, save as): http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-78375/TS-766930.mp3

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  1. The Slasher Appreciation episodes are much appreciated gentlemen.

    While I'm not particularly fond of The Burning, the raft scene serves as a perfect microcosm for the entire genre. It is the ultimate "Iconic Power Shot™ ": with light beaming through his scissor blades as Cropsey offers sacrifice to propitiate his solar god.

    The on-screen sacrifice of these slasher victims was our way of exorcising past cultural demons. For this reason, the summer camp is the ideal setting for the genre. We have city-slickers pretending to be agrarians and teenagers pretending to be adults. If we didn't get the drift from Charles Manson, Cropsey will show us that there is no going back to nature. And there is no such thing as free love.

    All summer camp slashers helped pave the way for 80s urban-dwelling yuppies by dispatching a few wannabe hippies.

    Intruder is ok too.