Sunday, September 14, 2014

Episode 168 - Nuclear War!

This week we discuss three nuclear armageddon themed films that happen to be available on Youtube, VIRUS AKA DAY OF RESURRECTION, THE DAY AFTER and THREADS.


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  1. Hi Fellas,

    Enjoying the new format. Of course there's always a bit of intrepedation when something changes, but I needn't have feared, because the key to your show is the great banter between the two of you and the well informed discussions that you always have - whatever the topic.

    Plus, we now have the hilarious Talkshoe jingle, which makes it sound like you're running an eighties cable phone in. Most importantly, it's great to have you back on a regular basis.

    You may recall me saying in a previous email, that I started listening to your podcast in mid 2012 and whilst listening to the current episodes, I've also been catching up on the back catalogue.

    Well, after two years or so, I've almost caught up to where I started - which was the James Foley episode. In order to complete my quest, I have eight episodes left; and they include a Zack Snyder retrospective, Dream a Little Dream and Golden Era Arnold.

    I am of course looking forward to them all, but I'm not sure what I'll do once I've finished. Start again perhaps??......

    Finally, I was very pleased to secure a couple of tickets to a double bill of Supiria and Dawn of the Dead , with live Goblin soundtrack. I missed the London gig, but am returning to where I was spawned - Sunny Manchester - to meet up with an old friend and see the show at the start of next month.

    Best wishes